Sunday, January 21, 2018

Valentine´s Day Lollipop Cards

I have done some editing to these Valentine´s Day Lollipop Cards. I have new clip art and I thought of updating them, since the students like them so much.

The old version will still be available at the store. But get the new ones here:

Print the cards directly onto cardboard if you can, but itf not, print onto white paper and glue them onto cardboard to insert the lollipop. Cut the slits with an exacto knife to make the space to weave in the lollipop. I used this kind of lollipop that are cheap and are sold everywhere.

If you make them please send me pictures to post them in social media or here, wherever you authorize me.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Coloring Pages

A freebie ! Just 6 Christmas Coloring Pages for those extra 5 minutes that we don´t know what to do...

Here´s the link:

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas Paper Bag Puppets

I love doing paper bag puppets, I do have quite a collection. I am sharing these just by writing an email:

I find them easy to make. I buy a pack of lunch bags in the supermarket. They are quite cheap. You can add more decoration items such as wiggly eyes, yarn, fabric, ribbon.

Students can create any character they want and put up a play, puppets give children more confidence in speaking. Creativity is involved in this activity and the review of basic body and face parts. It will be a way to connect play and review for the Holiday Season. You can make yours for greeting students at the door or to give instructions in the classroom.

If you make your puppets, send me pictures and I will post them with your name here.

 Follow me to know of free offerings.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween by

Once again I was contacted by the web site They wanted me to share some of their great worksheets and the endless possibilities for the ESL class.

I chose the Halloween theme, that time of the year that ESL teachers are looking for suitable resources for their class.
 I liked these  resources and I gave them a twist to get the max out of them, not simply filling out a worksheet.

Worksheet 1.  This worksheet is great for reviewing the emotions or feelings vocabulary. Have the students color each pumpkin orange and have them notice that there is a bat, some stars and the moon and mention how to color them accordingly. Even adjectives such as fat, tall, big, snmall can be reviewed.
Teacher: Point to Pumpkin sad.  Is she fat or thin ?
Students: She is fat.
Teacher:  Is she big or small ?
Students: She is small.

Then , I made some labels for the pumpkins. If you want them, please write a request and I´ll send them for free.

Worksheet 2. I chose this one thinking about reviewing colors.

But once the worksheet is done, students can cut them in pieces to make a puzzle for a friend. They can paste it onto a poster board.

Worksheet 3.  This a haunted house and shapes review. I like that you can review the parts of the house and color the shapes found in the house. They can even add more shapes.
Board game. The site has this board game with all the pieces. I glued it onto a file folder.
I love mandalas so much, I thought it would be nice to put into an oval plastic plate and use as decoration. Practice Halloween words when you color with your class.
Teacher: Find the bats. Color them gray !
Continue with the others.
And this cute 3D, I couldn´t miss it. I had never done anything like it and it turn out cute!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Letters arts and crafts Collection

Years ago I created a product with 26 letters for my students along with the workbook I designed. It has been successful and I thought of making all the letters for all the preschool themes. 

As you move along the Preschool Book series that you are working with, help the students learn the letters. The students can make the craft letters or you can make them for the class and use it as flash letters or to play games, They work as decoration, too. Review vocabulary and pronunciation with the letters as they name all the words.

In most ESL books the alphabet is missing ! It is up to us ESL/EFL teachers to teach the letters of the alphabet in Preschool or Kindergarten. Make sure that the students can name most of letters, it doesn't matter the order. By teaching them the letters it will predict that your students will be able to read in English in the future. Your students will learn the alphabet by doing lots of practice in many different ways.
 I will be adding pictures of the letters on my other social media, so you get a chance to see all 224 letters.

Here´s the link to 224 letters:

I created a Board named: Letter Arts and crafts.