Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Emotions / Feelings Worksheets for Preschool ELL

The idea of the worksheets is to think out of the box, to take the students a little further than just filling out a sheet of paper. It can serve the purpose to review basic concepts and to continue to a more creative purpose. Motivate the little ones with craft-like activities, giving them lots of  exposure to English. Each child can use his/her own creative way. 

Link to the worksheets: 

Worksheet 1. The first worksheet can always be used as flashcards. Have them color in assigned colors so you can make a graph later for face parts. Tell the students that they can only use yellow, brown, black, green, blue, red and pink. When the students finish coloring, they can cut out the three flashcards.
Use the flashcards as a memory tool to help them learn the new words faster.
Have the students place the 3 cards on the table. Tell them that will trace the mouth of each child as you say the word.  Teacher: Happy!  Continue with the other words.
Play putting the cards in order. Teacher: hapy, sad,angry! /Teacher: angry, happy,sad.
Make more combinations and then have the children make their own order and glue onto construction paper in a line. Have them find similar feelings in magazines and glue them under each flashcard.

Worksheet 2. First, review the numbers. Then say a color for each face part and the students have to color all three of them.
Teacher: Color the nose blue.
Then say a color for each number. Teacher: Number one is green.
Have all three cards cut. Ask questions:
Teacher: What color is the monster´s hair ?
Students: Blue.
Teacher: What color is number 2 ?
Students: Blue.
Teacher: Look at Monster 3. Is he sad or angry ?
Student: angry !
 Techer: Show me monster 3 !

Worksheet 3. The last worksheet is drawing an emotion on a shape. Review colors. They can cut out each shape and  glue onto a craft stick to play some games.
In pairs, children can make patterns as you name them:
Teacher: happy triangle, sad rectangle, happy triangle, sad rectangle ( if you had assigned an emotion for each shape.
If you hadn´t assigned an emotion have each children draw an emotion freely, then they can walk around to find another student that has the same emotion.
Teacher: Find a happy circle!

Do lots of vocabulary repetitions, children love that. It will help them learn in a familiar way.

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